AAF export is how you get a favorites list out of CaraOne for import into Avid MC, Adobe, Resolve, or a further automation step.  Sometimes problems can arise so this KB aim's to help guide you along the way to help find the issue should it come up.

1.  Check the client log and look for the first clues.  Here is a an example of trying to write an AAF to a location that doesn't have write access.

[5/31/2024 10:04:28 AM][WARNING] ExportAAF: Request: POSTHeaders: Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-16Body: {"segments":[{"in":34,"out":37,"object_id":"3tvi6ahxk8p6x"},{"in":253,"out":258,"object_id":"hzy43b5saw1s"},{"in":707,"out":710,"object_id":"20pd750ifl0g"},{"in":225,"out":228,"object_id":"hzy43b5saw1s"}],"paths":[{"ServerPath":"/mnt/flash/media/video/EFeducation","LocalPath":"F:\\media\\video\\video"}]}[5/31/2024 10:04:28 AM][INFO] [RequestManager] CreateWebRequest: createAAF/[5/31/2024 10:04:57 AM][ERROR] Can't save file to path: path
Access to the path "C:\NewAAFExport.aaf" is denied.

2. After checking the client, log into the server.  Check the restcontroller.log on the server after entering the /opt/caraone/dist path and running the set_settings.bin program.  Look for the next level of clues.

3. Manually stop the restcontroller process by getting the process ID and "kill PID"

manually launch /opt/caraone/dist/restcontroller.bin

4. Reproduce the error - watch the restcontroller.bin output for the error

5. CTRL-C the restcontroller.bin to stop

6. restart the runner service to restore restcontroller.bin

7. Open a support ticket so we can analyze the error if not resolved during the above steps.