Sometimes during power outages the head unit might come up before JBODs.  Or JBODs don't even power up at all.  In these cases the MegaRAID config file is expecting to see the offline drives and marks them "unconfigured bad" even if you've restored the hardware back to working condition and rebooted.  If 'MaintainPDFailHistory' is enabled (the default), then it is possible for all of the drives in a Virtual Drive (VD) to show up as 'Unconfigured Bad'.  At this point the Virtual Drive will not be accessible in the operating system, even though the data may be intact.

Follow these steps to bring the Virtual Drive back online. These steps are for MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM). It is also possible to do this using CLI (MegaCLI or storcli) or WebBIOS. Using CLI or WebBIOS steps are not shown here.

1. Go to the Logical tab in MSM. Under 'Unconfigured Drives' right mouse on one of the unconfigured drives and select 'Change to Unconfigured Good'.


Repeat for all of the drives listed as 'Unconfigured Bad'.

The drives will then be listed as '(foreign) Unconfigured Good' as shown below:


2. Right mouse click on the controller icon and select 'Scan Foreign Configuration'.


3. Select 'Import' as show below:


4. Click Accept:


5. Click on 'Yes'.


The foreign configuration will import, and the Virtual Drive will be online again.


IMPORTANT - At this point you need to reboot your NX NAS head unit or server running MegaRAID for the RAID sets and LV's to be discovered by the NAS.

To keep this from happening again in the future, you can use CLI or WebBIOS to disable 'Maintain PD Fail History'. 

Using storcli:

check current value:
storcli /cx show maintainpdfailhistory

storcli /c0 show maintainpdfailhistory

Change current value:
storcli /cx set maintainpdfailhistory=

storcli /c0 set maintainpdfailhistory=off