Your system may vary slightly, but here are the general  steps to set up the IPMI on the an NX.

1. Connect network cable to the dedicated IPMI LAN port.

2. Boot or reboot the system and hit Delete to enter set up when prompted.

3. In setup, navigate to IPMI > BMC Network Configuration.

4. Change Update IPMI LAN Configuration to Yes and put in your network settings.

5. When finished, hit the F4 key to save and exit.

6, Verify Yes is selected and hit Enter.

7. The system will reboot.

8. Test the IPMI by entering IP address you set earlier into a browser.

8. The default login is ADMIN:ADMIN

9. Ignore any prompts to upgrade to the latest Java Runtime Environment.

10. For remote control, Java must be installed on the computer accessing the IPMI.

11. Security should be set to High and you will need to use Edit Site List to enter your IPMI IP address into the Exception list.

12. Navigate to Remote Control > Console Redirection and click on Launch Console.

13. Download the launch.jnlp file, go to the folder it is in, and double click on it.

14. Accept the risk and click on Run.

15. The remote console should launch.