RAP uses the internet... so we have gathered some tips for finding out where a performance problem might be coming from.  

You can run a couple of tests to help check the issue. We include a speedtest-cli using speedtest.net as a tool in the ssh shell of all RAP servers - 

1. elevate to root using "sudo su" and password by default if it hasn't been changed is "password" 

2 .run speedtest-cli

3. run a few times and at different hours.  Check your internet speed with what you are expecting the user's upload and download should be, or what they are actually getting for upload and download speed.

A few tests can be altered using "speedtest-cli -h" to get a help listing. An interesting one is "speedtest-cli --single" which is supposed to test what a single file upload or download would look like. We also had better results using https (secure) vs http 

Also, we have found the RAP sync client is often slower than the web browser.  This is due to how checksum's are done to facilitate data integrity. You can also check using Chrome versus other browsers to see if there is a difference.