The following article will go over applying a small update to a NX2/ZX system, this is only for small updates and not version upgrades (Updating NX2 or ZX cluster). A system reboot will be required for the new update to take effect but the update can be uploaded to the NX2/ZX at any point than rebooted when there is some down time to take effect.

  • Scale Logic Techsupport should provide a link to the update file you need, please open a case if one has not been opened already.
  • Once you have received the update file from Techsupport you will need to login to the Web GUI of the NX2/ZX by typing its IP address in a web browser that is on the same network as your NX2/ZX.
  • From the GUI navigate to "System Settings > Update". From there you can see the current version installed and any small updates that may already be installed.

  • Click on  "Upload update" and choose the update file provided by Techsupport. Next click on "Upload"

  • Once the update has been uploaded you will get a message with the Description of the update, its Filename, and Size. From here you can choose to "Install and reboot later" choose this if you do not currently have down time than reboot the system once you do have the down time. If you are in a current downtime window choose "Install and reboot now" and the system will reboot and apply the update.

  • After the reboot you can log back into the GUI and check the update page and the small update should now be listed under "Small updates".