In a cluster ZX NAS setup, you can migrate the pool from one node to the other.  This is done mostly in rolling upgrade situations however there may be times you need to migrate the pool between nodes for troubleshooting, for example, to test the network.  

PLEASE NOTE:  macOS as of August 2022 often disconnects the connected SMB shares during pool migration so plan the appropriate time to perform any pool migration.  This disconnect is due to a very low tolerance from macOS to wait for an unresponding SMB connection.  Windows and Linux just reconnect on the next command issued.

  1. Log into one or both nodes and check the pool indications.  This pool is online and the second screen shot shows the pool is active on the other node
  2. If you are on the active node, in the upper right find the pull-down and select migrate.  
  3. If you are on the idle node, the "Move to this node" is on the right.  You can migrate from either node
  4. Confirm to move it.  The pool will show "moving" and "exporting" and "importing" and should be finished around 10 to 30 seconds.
  5. Ensure the Pool is online on the intended node then check Macs in the environment for connections and re-establish if needed
  6. These are also the steps to perform a software rolling update by upgrading and rebooting the idle node, migrating to the newly updated node, then upgrading the 2nd node and rebooting.