1. Locate the cold spare Genesis NX HDD

2. Leave power completely on – unlatch the failed HDD form the chassis, slip it out, and wait 10 seconds for good measure

3. Don’t get the failed drive mixed up with the spare drive, and slip the spare drive in

4. Spare drive will spin up and blink, then after about 30 seconds to 1 minute, should all LEDs in the RAID set should blink in rapid succession.  This indicates the drive is being rebuilt

5. Rebuild will be done within 24 hours or so, at the end of which, all blue LEDs will return to their normal state.  An NX using 1Gb/s Ethernet should not see a performance drop during the rebuild but 10Gb/s connections could see a slight performance degradation during the rebuild

6. The logs of the NX in the GUI will indicate events such as “Rebuild started” and “Rebuild Finished” though no percentage counter is present, so these logs are only to be used to determine successful start and finish of the rebuild

(optional steps for realtime monitoring of progress, or making configuration changes:

7. Install MegaRAID Storage Manager on a Windows or Linux host

8. In MSM, connect to the Genesis NX's IP address

9. Log in with the credentials "raid"/"raid"

10. Monitor the progress of the rebuild