Accessing the local Linux MegaRAID Storage Manager server on a IAP from a remote client

For this process, you will remotely launch a single GUI application over an SSH connection using the X Window System. The initial steps will be a little different depending on which OS your client is running.

To start an X server on a Windows client:

Download, install, and run an X server application, like MobaXTerm (which is handy, because it includes everything you need in a single package) or xming. If using MobaXterm, use all default X server settings.

To start an X server on a Macintosh client:

From Spotlight, launch X11. If Xquartz launches, you're good to go. If you're prompted to install anything, follow all prompts, the last of which requires you to log out and back in (or simply reboot).

To start an X server on a Linux client:

It's probably already running.

To launch the MSM GUI:

From your local terminal, use the -X option when starting your SSH connection to ensure there is an ~/.Xauthority record on the remote side, for example:

ssh -X root@

Once you have logged in and created an .Xauthority file for the root user, launch the MSM application by typing the full path to the launch script:

/usr/local/MegaRAID\ Storage\ Manager/

Take care to type this exactly, with all spaces escaped. Tab completion is a big help here.

Now that the GUI has launched, you should see the host's IP address listed in the bottom. Double-click the host to launch the authentication prompt. At this prompt, follow the instructions to use your local Linux user credentials.