StorCLI (former MegaCLI) allows us to manage and control LSI MegaRAID controllers.

This command allows administering the MegaRAID controller.

List all controller in the system

storcli show

Information and configuration on controller 0

storcli /c0 show all

Information on the existing hard drives and their status (IDs,...)

storcli /cx /eall /sall show (all)

Information on the existing virtual drives and their status

storcli /cx /vall show (all)

View the current status of all rebuilds

storcli /cx /eall /sall show rebuild


Creating a virtual drive

storcli /cx add vd type=[RAID0(r0)|RAID1(r1)|...] drives=[EnclosureID:SlotID|:SlotID-SlotID|:SlotID,SlotID]


storcli /c0 add vd type=r1 drives=252:0-3


Initializing a virtual drive

storcli /cx/vx start init (force)

The progress can be monitored with the command below

storcli /c0/v1 show init


Muting the beeper

storcli /c0 set alarm=silence