Although packet signing enhances the security of SMB connections by preventing man-in-the-middle attacks, it can greatly degrade performance in Adobe Premiere environments.  Adobe Premiere requires both low-latency and high-performance which is affected by using SMB packet signing.

With SMB packet signing on, each packet is accompanied by a digital signature, allowing the client system to verify that the data has not been altered during transmission however at the expense of low latent operation of the video editor.

Where possible, it’s advisable to conduct these workflows on private, secure networks and disable packet signing on the macOS client.

More information from Apple:

To turn off SMB signing on macOS, add the following line to /etc/nsmb.conf:


Save, then unmount and re-mount the shares to take effect

Follow the below to apply the fix for CVE-2016-2114 (server signing) and force the NAS to enable server signing exclusively. It is disabled by default. By enabling, the SMB connections are forced to be signed. When disabled, signing depends on the client.

Plan slight downtime as SMB will restart and current connections can/may be affected
Got to the TUI, pres CTL-ALT-T for "Tools" menu
Go to "Add ons" menu
Go to Samba Special features
Press spacebar to enable CVE-2026-2114 (server signing) and press enter

Un-mount the shares and re-mount for the clients to enable SMB signing on the connection.  Test and toggle back off if desired.