Search Section

The Search section of CaraOne is designed to provide users with an efficient and intuitive way to find the information they need. While other sections also offer search functionalities, the Search section stands out due to its unique features and user interface.


Key Features

  1. Results Grid:

When users perform a search, the results are displayed in a grid format.

This layout allows users to view all the results simultaneously and select the one that best matches their query. Grid can be resized for optimal displaying of information. 

  1. Filters:

Media: Select the type of media you are interested in “Video”, or “Document”.

Evaluation: This filter allows users to set criteria for how the content should be evaluated.

For Media Video we allow Visual or Sound evaluations, for Documents we allow Text or Images.

Source: This filter lets users specify which content sources should be considered in the search. We have support 3 types:

          Media-pool: All indexed paths. 


            Source-path: Selected path or file, a special consideration exists, that this path must have  been indexed as set on the server settings.


             Project: this option will look for all media assets associated with a project. 

  1. Relevance and Scoring:

The order of the search results is significant, as the results are sorted by a relevance score.

Higher-scoring results appear at the left top, indicating that they are more relevant to the user's search query.

  1. Operations:

Open Media: Click the thumbnail to preview the in and out point found in the media. 

Favorite: By clicking in the star icon the user can save the obtained result.

  1. Server performance:

When performing a search, take into consideration the server load. If the server is busy indexing and adding new files, this could result in fewer or no results appearing. Additionally, under heavy load, search results may take longer to be displayed.