1 Picture is worth more than 1000 tags

The Inventor of CaraOne set out to assist editors by flipping the paradigm that editors spend 80% of their time searching for assets and 20% editing!  As a previous video editor, he knew he could achieve flipping it to 20% searching for the right stuff and 80% focused creatively.  He set out in stealth in 2018 with a team of data scientists (6 years ago) to build CaraOne before the needed tech was available.  In 2023, at the NAB show, Obvious Future introduced CaraOne as a tech preview, and in collaboration with Scale Logic, announced its availability for sale at the NY NAB show later that year.

Tagging and Metadata is not what we do

CaraOne "watches" your files and knows the context of all the contents.  All of the contents!   Unlike us humans, it doesn't forget anything it watched.  Feelings, emotions, and cinematic feel are all there in addition to the easy stuff any AI should be able to do like image recognition, speech-to-text in 170 different languages including slang and dialect, and written text.  CaraOne offers an intuitive interface and lightning-fast search capabilities, revolutionizing post-production by saving both time and money. This next-generation AI search tool swiftly locates any media content across your storage devices, bypassing the need for metadata or tags and providing instant access to precisely what you're looking for.  If you can think of it, you can search for it!

No strings attached

CaraOne is deployed on a 2U GPU server as a building block architecture.  No strings from the internet!  CaraOne has all the data models on it when deployed and does not have a spider web of API calls to other people's software!  You can use CaraOne with no strings attached as the server watches your shared storage or archive locations and the macOS or Windows CaraOne client facilitates the end-user operation.  Horsepower dictates how many 2U building blocks you will need.  Sizing at 20 active users simultaneously per GPU server, scalability is achieved through linear server expansion, forming GPU server farms in medium to large installations.  Cloud-based deployments support the same user capacity per GPU. The platform seamlessly integrates with Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere, with additional integration options available via API for MAMs and PAMs. CaraOne can monitor any storage mounted on the Ubuntu Linux-based GPU server.  If you can mount the storage you can have CaraOne watch it!