Requires a current support contract.  Open a support case and ask support for the Small Update patch

Current revision: up30r2 with Samba version update which will include the 90929 SMB SU (small update):

- new options in Text User Interface (TUI):

    a) SMB1 off - this option (enabled by default) turns off SMB1.

    b) fix for CVE-2016-2114 (server signing). It is disabled by default. By enabling, the SMB connections are forced to be signed. When disabled, signing depends on the client.

    c) symlink support - this option enables support for symbolic links. It is disabled by default.

Those options can be found under Console tools (hotkey: ctrl-alt-T) > Addons > Samba special features. You are allowed to enable/disable them as you wish.

WARNING: enabling and disabling those options will trigger an automatic SMB service restart!