By default, the NX and ZX nodes are set to 8192 max_user_watches in the sysctl.  When using file system watchers for applications such as Resilio Connect, please change max_user_watches to 524288.  This should be enough for most M&E environments.  You can read more here:  

On any node needing the increase, change the setting in the "Console" and reboot the node to take effect.  

  1.  At the console, hit CTRL-ALT-W and input the admin password to unlock
  2. Select Tuning Options
  3. Select Sysctl Tuning
  4. Scroll down slightly to find "fs.inotify.max_user_watches" and change it from the default of 8192 to 524288
  5. Save, then reboot the node to take effect when you've scheduled downtime.