LucidLink and CaraOne can be integrated together fairly easily. You will need a filespace, and valid user credentials that can read and write to that filespace.  For installing Lucid Link and getting filespaces mounted appropriately follow the help guides on their support site or contact LucidLInk directly.

CaraOne Server setup

To connect the CaraOne server to LucidLink, you first need to download LucidLink via wget, and install it via apt:

wget -O lucidinstaller.deb

sudo apt install ./lucidinstaller.deb -y

Then you need to use Lucid's daemon command to connect to the filesystem and put that task into the background

lucid daemon --fs [filesystem] --user [username] --password [password] --mount-point /path/to/mount

## Use CTRL+Z to suspend this command once it is running, then use the below to resume the command in the background


Once this is done, follow the standard CaraOne storage setup to get CaraOne indexing the LucidLink filesystem.

Client Setup

First download and install LucidLink on the client machine and consult with any questions.

Launch LucidLink and provide the same filesystem and user authentication used on the server. This will create a local mount to the filesystem in C:\Volumes. 

You then need to update your CaraOne client config with the correct server and local mount paths (example of a working config below).

You can now search in LucidLink filesystem with CaraOne.