Avid Nexis® Client

Ubuntu 22.04 is installed on Scale Logic AInode servers for best performance of the HW.  The Avid Nexis environment needs to support the Nexis Ubuntu Client 23.08.0.   Check the Nexis admin GUI and make sure there is a download for AvidNEXISClient_Ubuntu22.x86_64_23.8.0_240.bin or higher.  Older Nexis versions will not have this download available.  

Nexis Setup

Create a caraone user that has read permission to all the workspaces you need to have CaraOne watch and add user caraone to all those workspaces so it can mount them.  CaraOne has to read the .avp and .avb files so don't forget to add the caraone user as read-only to the project workspaces as well.

RECOMMENDED - create a “proxy” workspace where all the faces, proxies, and thumbnails will be stored.  You need to set the user caraoone writable for this one as CaraOne will need to write proxies and thumbnails here.  The edit bays and users that will use CaraOne client will also need to see this workspace and could set read-only if desired.

Unmount All Workspaces

# umount /mnt/NEXIS_Workspaces

Mount all Workspaces for Nexis User “cara1”

# mount -t avidfos cara1:cara@NEXIS /mnt/NEXIS_Workspaces

fstab can also be used to automount workspaces, to do so:

First create a txt file containing the avid credentials (make sure only root can read the contents of this file)

# echo -e 'username=[username]\npassword=[password]' > /root/avid_cred.txt

# chmod 600 /root/avid_cred.txt

Then edit fstab with new entries in the format below for each workspace you wish to mount

# <device>/<workspace> <mountpoint> avidfos <options>,credentials=/root/nexis_cred.txt 0 0

NOTE: <device> should be the shared-storage name for the Nexis, 

NOTE: Unlike with most fstab entries, when using avidfos to mount, devices are not specified in a standard UNC path (prefixed by slashes) so fstab may initially highlight them as red, this is normal

NOTE: spaces in workspace names must be replaced in fstab by "\040" without quotes

Verify your fstab works by manually unmounting your avid mount points (as described above) and mounting everything, there should be no errors

# umount /mnt/NEXIS_Workspaces 

# mount -a

Check Nexis Workspaces

# df -h

# ls /mnt/NEXIS_Workspaces