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On- & Off-site Data Protection

The On- & Off-site Data Protection feature in Scale Logic Data Storage Software enables users to securely backup and restore vital company data in the event of an unforeseen disaster using a combination of advanced technologies.

The backup-oriented feature facilitates the creation of consistent snapshots and the replication of these snapshots to local or remote destinations. Users can customize replication tasks based on their individual needs, thanks to advanced retention plans.

The On- and Off-site Data Protection feature offers extensive flexibility by providing a comprehensive range of disaster recovery plans, eliminating the need for additional third-party tools.

  • Backup of everything
    The backup capabilities of the On- and Off-site Data Protection feature are comprehensive, ensuring consistent copies of all types of data, including databases and running virtual machines along with their associated applications and data.
  • Solved problem of backup window
    The backup window is effectively minimized as only the changes in data are replicated at regular intervals, resulting in a reduction to a matter of minutes. Moreover, the backup process is transferred from the client machine to the storage server, further optimizing efficiency.
  • Protection against Ransomware
    The On- and Off-site Data Protection feature offers protection against ransomware by implementing very frequent snapshots. These snapshots ensure instant access to all data, providing a convenient means to rollback to a previous state before a virus attack occurred.
  • Instant access to and restore of previous data versions
    The On- and Off-site Data Protection feature enables instant access to and restoration of previous versions of data. These old data versions are preserved in their original form, allowing users to quickly start using their backed up data. Additionally, users can directly access "Previous Versions" via SMB on MS Windows clients.
  • Very light backup engine
    The backup engine utilized by the On- and Off-site Data Protection feature is highly efficient and operates with minimal impact on production systems. Continuous interval-based replication runs in the background without significant disruption. In VMware environments, there is an option to exclude virtual machine snapshots during periods of heavy workload.
  • Optional removal and rotation of backup media
    The On- and Off-site Data Protection feature includes the Pool Export and Import functionalities, which allow users to safely remove backup media (disks), rotate them with other sets, or even ship them to another location for added security and redundancy.
  • Encrypted transfer
    To ensure secure data transfer over the internet, the On- and Off-site Data Protection feature utilizes encrypted SSH (Secure Shell) for the transmission of data streams. This ensures the safety and integrity of the transferred data.