CaraOne excels in supporting creative departments by operating as an attentive observer rather than a tagger. It meticulously watches your videos, retaining comprehensive information, and has been extensively trained to understand the intricacies of the world. This distinctive capability classifies CaraOne as a "contextual" or "inference" search tool, eliminating the need for creative staff to recall specific "literal" tags, dates, folders, or other metadata. Categorized within the realm of "Deep Learning AI," CaraOne epitomizes an advanced solution for seamlessly navigating and retrieving information within creative workflows.

  1. Examples within M&E market segments:
    1. Documentaries - With mountains of footage to search through, a video becomes 10,000 descriptive words without tagging.  Audio gets searched via meaning and context which greatly increases the capability to find something useful.
    2. Reality TV - unscripted is perfect.  You are buried in footage and are human and remember concepts and context, not literal exact tags.
    3. Solving Voice recognition problem areas 
    4. CaraOne is very strong and “better” than Google Voice recognition

    5. Multiple (up to 160) Languages are in the models!

    6. Slang and thousands of accents are understood

    7. Post-production - It makes editing more flexible because you can quickly search for assets while editing, instead of preparing everything perfectly before.  Also when a scene or subject doesn't work as it should, CaraOne is there to help spur creativity.  Also, in pre-production, CaraOne helps to assemble the right material for the edit with the predictive timeline tool.
    8. Advertising Firms, Corporate Media, and House of Worship - Use CaraOne to access stock footage, photos, etc. quickly.  These days this is very important for social media campaigns and quick reactions.
    9. Movie Trailers -  Usually, you have to find the best pictures and the most impactful statements of your movie/series, which CaraOne can do! And/or tell a story with your trailer, which you can do easily when searching for the clips with us
    10. Broadcast - To quickly illustrate news with footage from the production server using CaraOne has immense value. When editing long interviews CaraOne cuts the time using descriptive search and searching voice by meaning. 
    11. Archives - Searching an archive with a thousand descriptive words or the meaning of the audio context without manual tags is game-changing.  With the Ask CaraOne feature you "talk" to your media and ask it questions!