Periodically support may have you upgrade the SAS firmware of the NX/ZX Series.  The example shown is the 9400 however the process is the same for 9500.

  1. Download and unzip the storcli utility and firmware files to a USB drive. For the 9300 and 9400 series the  firmware can be downloaded from:

  2. For the 9500 you can get the firmware here -

  3. Log into the NX/ZX IPMI and go to Remote Control.

  4. Select Console Redirection to open the Java console.

  5. In the Java console, click on the Virtual Media menu and select Virtual Storage.

  6. Select the USB stick that has the storcli utility and firmware files and click on Plug In then OK.

  1. Boot into built in EFI shell.

  1. Locate the USB drive with the storcli utility and firmware. It shows up as FS2: in the lab unit. The 2 DOMs show up as FS0: and FS1:.

  1. Go into FS2: by typing FS2: and hitting Enter.

  2. Verify you are in the right file system by doing an ls. You should see your storcli and firmware files.

  1. Find the controller number, storcli show

  1. You can check the firmware version by entering storcli, the card, and show, storcli /c0 show.

  1. To uprev the firmware, storcli /c0 download file=<firmware file>

So we type storcli followed by the card, /c0 then download, and the path to the file as shown below.

If you have to downrev, put noverchk after the file name.

  1. You can type storcli /c0 download help for help.