Periodically support may request ATTO SAS HBA Firmware updateLoad ATTO Config tool downloadable from onto a Mac, Linux, or Windows.  You'll need to create a login account to access all of ATTOs download files.  Also download the latest Flash/Firmware for the correct HBA you have - see below.  You should download the corresponding OS flash bundle for the computer you are going to run the ATTO config tool from.

The following FC and SAS HBAs might be present in NX2's or ZX systems - check the log files or the inspect to see what is installed.

Celerity 8Gbit FC

Celerity 16Gbit FC Gen5

Celerity 32Gbit 

ExpressSAS H1280 GT

ExpressSAS H12F0 GT

Install ATTO Config Tool and unzip the corresponding ATTO flash bundle.  After launching ATTO Config Tool go to "Find Host"

Add in the correct IP for the NX2 or ZX node you need to update

Log in as "root" and password of "admin"

You can see the devices connected to the node.  Expand the ATTO product to see below and also highlight the ATTO product to see the "Flash" tab on the right side of the window.  Click "Browse" and find your firmware file and update it.  

Confirm the flash upgrade

Flashing will take a minute or two

Plan down time accordingly for NX2 and on ZX migrate the pool to the idle node and reboot the system for the firmware to take effect.  Repeat on the 2nd ZX node.

Back in the NX2 and ZX GUIs - upper right corner to choose reboot