The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) can be used to provides management and monitoring capabilities for the NX2/ZX. We recommend that IPMI is configured for access from your management network


The IPMI address can be set from the BIOS. You will need to connect a monitor and keyboard to the server before beginning the following process:

  1. Press the Delete key when prompted during boot up 
  2. From the main BIOS screen, navigate to the IPMI screen using the arrow keys and press enter
  3. Select BMC Network Configuration and press enter
  4. If there is a valid DHCP server, the address will be displayed as the Station IP Address
  5. If necessary, set a static IP address
    1. Set "Update IPMI LAN Configuration" to "Yes" 
    2. Set "Configuration Address Source" to "Static"
    3. Enter an IP address and Subnet Mask that is compatible with your network.
  6. Press F4 to save configuration and exit. The system will reboot.