Before beginning, it is important to understand that the NX2/ZX platform supports two different access protocols for shares, NFS and SMB. These protocols handle permissions differently, so if you are experiencing permission issues on your NX2 or ZX it is first important to determine which protocol(s) are in use, as this will determine the next steps for resolving the issue.

To determine which protocol(s) are in use, check the shares tab of your pool and dataset. 

Each share can have a different protocol configuration, so check the services column of the share that you are having trouble with.

SMB Only (Recommended)

Before getting into specifics it is important to understand that the NX2/ZX system does not touch file/folder level permissions when using SMB, it only concerns itself with share level access. The NX2/ZX will accept whatever permissions are set by the client machines when they write data to the storage without question, and will serve them back to all clients exactly as written. This means that there are only two likely causes of permission issues when using only SMB on NX2/ZX: client-side permissions, or incorrectly configured SMB settings.

To determine which of these are potentially at fault we recommend first verifying the SMB settings on the NX2/ZX:

  1. First check the settings on the share
    1. Select the "protocols" option for the share you want to check
    2. Verify that your settings match the example below
  2. Check your settings in the "Storage Settings" tab on the right
    1. Verify that your SMB settings on this page match the example below
    2. if "Hide special folders" is not enabled, enable it now, as this may resolve your issue. The oplocks, SMB2 leases, and vfs_fruit settings are performance related and do not have any bearing on permissions.
  3. If any of the share or storage settings do not match the provided examples and you do not know specifically why: open a ticket with Scale Logic Support

If all of the SMB settings are correct, the NX2/ZX is not itself the cause of the permission issues. The remaining likely causes of permission issues are: file/folder ACL issues, and file/folder ownership. Both of these issues can be resolved in the same manner.

  1. Assign a user account to be a superuser in the Storage Settings page of your NX2/ZX (if not already done) 
  2. Grant the selected user account access to the share (if not already done)
  3. Access the share from a mac using the newly assigned superuser
  4. Right-click and open the "get info" window for the folder or file in question
  5. Change the security permissions at the bottom of the window to the desired permissions for any users that need to be adjusted
  6. Click the gear icon at the bottom of the window and select "apply to enclosed items"
  7. You will be asked to verify the changes before they are applied

If the above does not resolve the issue, contact Scale Logic Support for additional assistance

NFS only, or both protocols enabled

If NFS is the only protocol enabled on the share, or if both NFS and SMB are enabled. It is possible that the NFS protocol settings are causing permissions issues, or that the data written by NFS clients is inaccessible to those connecting via SMB. In either case please contact Scale Logic Support for additional assistance.