Sometimes it makes sense to change the name of how a share is showing up on the desktop.  Here's how to do it - 

Unmount everyone in the facilty from the share in question

Log into the Web admin GUI, go to Storage and pull down and expand the triangle on the bottom of the Pool section

Click on the shares tab, and open the next triangle on the file system that contains the share you want to change.  In this example the file system is called "fs0", the share name is "zx_nas1" and the folder or directory this share points to is /zx_nas1

Open the Options for the share at the far right and select Propoerties 

Rename it to what you want.  Here we choose "media" because we want the drive to mount as "media" and use the /Volumes/media mount point - for example.  Don't change the directory because that is where your data is.  Changing that will create a new directory with a new name, which is likely not what you want to do.  

Now your share has the right name and all your data still exists at the directory as before.  The directory name can remain the same and is not what users see when they mount the share.  All applications using the "path" will see /Volumes/media for example and not /Volumes/zx_nas1

Go mount the new share name on all stations that require it