Note: A current Support Contract is required for all software updates.  You can perform the NX and ZX software updates yourself or have assistance from tech support.  Don't plan upgrades for any of your essential workflow components mid-project or deadline.  Plan for 1-hour minimum downtime and follow our upgrade guide very closely.  Open a ticket with your s/n (located in the admin GUI -> About) or contract number to obtain the software download link.

NX Series released April 2024 - Scale Logic NX2/3 1.0up30r2.55016

ZX Series released April 2024 - Scale Logic ZX/3 1.0up30r2.55016

Updating NX2 or ZX cluster

Find your current Version: 

Go to the web UI, login as the admin.  Go to System  Settings -> Update and check your installed version and any and all SU's installed -