At many NX2 and ZX sites, they use Evertz DreamCatcher for sports replays and the NX2 share is mounted on it.  It allows a fluid edit to play out scenario.

In this example, the share name is called /Share with GUEST access and that's what gets mounted. Check the second picture for the proper mount inputs. Log into DreamCatcher and find the Storage tab on the home screen. We have two mounts there. One for a Gen1 GenesisNX and another for an NX2. The Mount indicator should be green and say "Available" It takes about 10 seconds for them to mount when the inputs  are correct (see parameters below)

Share on NX2

NX2 and Dreamcatcher

For Dreamcatcher add these parameters below (see image below) 

GenesisNX (on left)


Remote IP Address:

Remote filesystem path: /genesis

Credentials: genesis: (unknown password)

Domain: (no domain

Security Mode: Default

NX2 (on right)

Protocol: SMB/CIFS

Remote IP Address:

Remote Filesystem Path: /Share

Credentials: guest:guest

Domain: (no input)

Security mode: Default

SMB Protocol: 3.0