NOTE: Current contract required

FTP and FXP are old technologies and therefore not part of the the standard options in the NX2 and ZX however we can add the ability with a small update (SU).  Small updates must match the major update as in "up29" for example.  So check the SU carefully that it is the matched update for the major release.  

FTP and FXP are still used in broadcast environments.  FTP is used in a lot of general broadcast and we've used FXP in Imagine Communication environments.  Both FTP and FXP are enabled in the SU.

We cannot support users and groups.  We enable anoynmous for all shares on all networks and there is a way below to disable FTP/FXP on certain network segments as some IT teams might want to limit its access. (Good idea)

Get the SU for FTP/FXP from support by opening a tech case.  
Load it and reboot

Test it with something like Filezilla.  You should be able to connect to the IP address and "get" and "put" files with the Filezilla client using anonymous. 

To set FTP/FXP services on port 21 for only a subnet

Just double check that you already have the "container base" and "Console Access rev 33" and then the FTP will be the 3rd SU required for FTP support: 

1. Download the new FTP small update
3. Upload the new SU for up29r1 - (90334c, and remember, each "up" major rev requires a unique SU)
4. Reboot
5. Log into the CLI - "https://ip_address:4200/rootconsole" from a web browser
6. Username is "admin" and password is your admin password (default password is "admin")
7. Gain sudoers level access by running "sudo su" and put in the same admin password - the prompt should now say "root"
8. Move the proftpd conf file  - root@zx01:/home/admin# mv /Pools/.ftp.sys/proftpd.conf.inactive /Pools/.ftp.sys/proftpd.conf                                               
9. Edit the /Pools/.ftp.sys/proftpd.conf file and put your intended IP address for FTP server access in the DEFAULT line:  vim /Pools/.ftp.sys/proftpd.conf 

DefaultAddress x.x.x.x
SocketBindTight on
10. Save that file - ":wq!" 
11. Reboot the unit again.  Sorry, at this time there is no way to restart the FTP server without another reboot. Test that FTP only responds on your intended network as set up by the DEFAULT line in the proftpd.conf file.