If the system disk or SSD (which was not mirrored) “died” in a single-controller system, then you must:
  1. Install a new hard drive or SSD
  2. Disconnect from the system all other disks from which RAIDs were created, because during the installation process, metadata may be overwritten on them
  3. Power on the system and install RAIDIX on a new hard drive or SSD
  4. After installing the license (if it is preserved) or requesting and installing a new one
  5. Configure all network interfaces (network configuration is not restored automatically)
  6. Connect disks from which RAIDs were created
  7. If raidixcfg.json was saved from the system before failure, then you can restore the full system configuration by uploading this config: System->Configuration Recovery->Upload a Configuration File
  8. If the configuration file has not been saved, then you need to run in the console: rdcli system config restore –a –of /root/restored.config.json, then write this file to the computer and download it to the system in accordance with paragraph 7
For the last two points, see the administrator's guide for more details (attached to the letter).

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