The below steps will guide you through the process of installing the RAP local client on a macOS workstation. This assumes the RAP server has been properly configured for external access.

  1. Download the installer from the Scale Logic fileshare
  2. Install the client
  3. Launch the application, which can be found at /Applications/rapclient
  4. The configuration wizard will launch. Enter your server's public address, appending the port if something other than the 443 default is used, and click Next
  5. Your browser will launch. Log in with your username and password. You will also be prompted for 2FA here, if it has been configured.

  6. Confirm the user is correct, and then "Authorize"
  7. Back in the client, choose which directories you'd like to sync. You can choose none and set this up later.

  8. By default, RAP will sync to "rapclient" in the user's home directory. You may modify this to something like an external HDD, if you wish. Once configured, click "Connect..."

  9. The client will launch and begin syncing the chosen directories

The RAP client is now installed and configured.