System and controller features
ChassisCompact 2U or 4U steel and aluminum alloy enclosure with rack mount kit, dual FRU power supplies and fan assemblies and 12 Gb/s drive backplane power on/off switch; system reset switch; LAN, fan fail, power indicators; six high-speed fans
Controllers3.5 GHz Intel 1600 CPU, 12 bay 64GB (4x16), 24 bay 64GB (2x32) 36 bay 128GB (4x32) RAM
Drive Support12/24/36 3.5” x SAS/SATA 12 Gb/s hard drives in field replaceable canisters staggered physical drive spin-up, drive LED support
External I/O PortsFour, 1 GigE host ports and SAS expansion on RAID card allows JBOD add-on capacities up to 72 drives for 12 bay and 144 drives on 24 / 36 bay
Operational Features
RAID protectionRAID 0,1,6 RAID 6 default. physical drive error recovery. Replacement drive rebuild and monitoring, SMART, error recovery mechanisms
Spare DrivesGenesis NX RAID 6 configuration can be configured with or without a hot spare drive. RAID 6 has two parity drives and therefore doesn’t require a hot spare drive, however a hot spare can be configured at the factory by request.
Key FeaturesSnapshots (VSS based) for file and block data: replication: global namespace: up to 240TB per share point file server resource management for quotas, file screening, storage utilization reports: indexing services for optimized search, built-in anti virus, built-in network backup clients. ADS & NIS User Group ID Synchronization NAS support for up to 240TB logical volumes. Multiple logical volume & groups, online logical volume expansion.
Network ProtocolsSMBNFSFTPHTTP
System Management
Supported OSWindows, macOS, Linux
Management ToolsEmbedded web management support — no host agent is needed using standard TCPIP; simple process to create users and groups, ADS synchronization volume creation or partitioning; NAS tuning tools for optimal performance for various applications; easy-to-parse error logs and status monitoring.
Management InterfacesEmbedded web server and management support — no host agent is needed; Ethernet
Event NotificationEmail, audible (buzzer), and visible (LEDs) alerts for bad drives and power supplies
Mechanical Specifications
Voltage90-264 VAC Auto-Ranging 50-60 Hz
Power Supply12 / 24 Bay: 920W Redundant PS; 36 Bay: 1280W Redundant PS
Power Consumption12 Bay: 325 Watts; 24 Bay: 465 Watts; 36 Bay: 525 Watts
Heat outputBTU per hour at 120VAC - 12 Bay: 1200; 24 Bay: 1700; 36 Bay: 2400
Operating TemperatureOperational 5°- 35°C (non operational -40° +70°C)
Relative Humidity0-90%
Chassis Dimensions12 Bay - width 17.2” (437mm) height 3.5” (89mm) depth 25.5” (648mm)
 24 Bay - width 17.2” (437mm) height 7” (178mm) depth 26” (660mm)
 36 Bay - width 17.2” (437mm) height 7” (178mm) depth 27.5” (699mm)
Weight12 bay gross weight: 61 lbs (27.7 kg); 24 bay gross weight: 82 lbs (37.2 kg); 36 bay gross weight: 100 lbs (45.4 kg)
Shipping Dimensions12 Bay - width 35” (889mm) height 8” (203.2mm) depth 24” (609.6mm)
 24 Bay - width 38” (965.2mm) height 14” (355.6mm) depth 26” (660.4mm)
 36 Bay - width 39” (965.2mm) height 14” (355.6mm) depth 26” (660.4mm)