1 please enter the IP address of the RX2 into a web browser and hit enter.

               Default under name admin

               Default password is password.







the Dashboard screen will show failed drives by having the green icons churn red

once you are logged in you should be in the Dashboard.

If any icons are red that should be checked first – before replacing the 12 TB drives.

If the Dashboard icons are all green, we can start replacing the data 12 TB drives.

Please click on RAID0 in the bottom red rectangle.

This will show all drives associated with RAID0















this icon will turn red when the drive is removed the turn yellow when it starts rebuilding

NOTE recommended steps for replacing the drives.

1 verify the model of drive

2 click the button to flash the drive.

3 remove the drive and use the s/n to verify you have removed the correct drive

4 check that the green icon has turned red.

5 insert the replacement 14 TB drive in and verify that the red icon has turned yellow.

NOTE you can replace 1 drive per raid set at a time.

this icon meaning is shown below



Please call me and we can go over this manual before you start replacing drives.


drive replacement RX2