You started to work with your RAP server on an IP based connection. Now, that IT has added a valid DNS record, you can also reach your server by name and not just the IP. 

The question is, what happens with your RAP client connection and the already synced content when you change the connection from IP to DNS name?

You cannot simply sign out of the RAP client, remove the account, and create a new one. This would remove all the cached files on your local drive. If this is what you intend to, then please go ahead. If you want to keep those files because the project hasn't been finished, you can continue to work with the IP address or follow the steps below.

  1. In the RAP client, log out and close the client.
  2. located the configuration file
    macOS: ~/Library/Preferences/Scale Logic RAP/rapclient.cfg
  3. Locate the line url=https://RAP-IP-ADDRESS(:PORT) and replace the IP-ADDRESS with the DNS name
    for example:
  4. Start the RAP client and log in. You will have to authenticate your client again via the web-browser window