If you are using older versions of GenesixNX V7, up12 for example, please follow this procedure to re-generate certificate and upgrade the node to up65:


  1. I suggest setting aside some down time as a few reboots will be required.
  2. Make sure everyone is unmounted from the GNX and do not remount them until the date is changed back to the current date.
  3. Go to CLI console and press: CTRL+ALT+T > 4. Time configuration
  4. Change date to December 2017 and "Apply". After that, agree to certificate regeneration.
  5. Restart the System.
  6. Attempt to login to the GUI now and if successful I recommend backing up the Setup and Configuration files to be safe. Go to Maintenance > Miscellaneous and choose “Setup” and “Configuration”, also choose download so they will download to the workstation you have connected to the GUI from. This is just a precaution.
  7. Upgrade to DSSv7 up65 via: DSS WebGUI > Maintenance > Software update > Browse and use this file to update the system.


Username: genesisnx

Password: Genes!sSL1

  1. Reboot the node. Change date back to the current.