1. Login to your Genesis NX web GUI by typing its IP Address in any web browser on a workstation that is on the same Network as your Genesis NX. Administration Level should be set to "Full Access" and the default password is "password".

Login Screen NX 

2. Once logged in, navigate to "Maintenance-->Software Update".

software update NX

3. Under "System software update" click "Choose File" and navigate to where you saved the update file and choose it.

update file NX

4. Once you have chosen the correct update file, click "upload" to begin applying the new update.

update file upload NX

5. Once the update file has been uploaded you will be prompted to accept the new update, you can also read the "Release Notes" of the update here.

uploaded update NX

6. You will need to reboot the GNX after the update has been applied. To reboot your Genesis NX from the Web GUI, navigate to "Maintenance-->Shutdown". From here click "restart" located under the "System Restart" menu.

reboot asked for NX

GNX reboot screen