aaaconfig                  Configure RADIUS for AAA services

ad                         Specifies all administration domain (AD)-level


ag                         Configure the Access Gateway feature

agautomapbalance           Configure the Access Gateway automapbalance feature

agshow                     Displays the Access Gateway information registered

                           with the fabric

aliadd                     Add a member to a zone alias

alicreate                  Create a zone alias

alidelete                  Delete a zone alias

aliremove                  Remove a member from a zone alias

alishow                    Print zone alias information

aptpolicy                  Get and set Advanced Performance Tuning policy

auditcfg                   Modifies and displays audit log filter


auditdump                  Display audit log

authutil                   Get and set authentication configuration

bannerset                  Set security banner

bannershow                 Display security banner

bcastshow                  Display broadcast routing information

bladecfggemode             Configure 1GigE/10GigE port configuration for blade

bladedisable               Disables all user ports on a blade.

bladeenable                Enables all User Ports on a blade.

bladeswap                  Swaps area numbers for all ports on a blade

bootluncfg                 Configure boot LUN for an HBA

bottleneckmon              Configure port bottleneck monitor

bpportloopbacktest         Functional test of port via blade processor path.

bpturboramtest             MBIST test for AP blade BP ASICs

ceeportledtest             Cycle user port LEDs.

ceeportloopbacktest        Functional test of port N->N path.

ceeturboramtest            MBIST test for ASICs

cfgactvshow                Display Effective zone configuration information

cfgadd                     Add a member to a configuration

cfgclear                   Clear all zone configurations

cfgcreate                  Create a zone configuration

cfgdelete                  Delete a zone configuration

cfgdisable                 Disable a zone configuration

cfgenable                  Enable a zone configuration

cfgremove                  Remove a member from a configuration

cfgsave                    Save zone configurations in flash

cfgshow                    Print zone configuration information

cfgsize                    Print size details of zone database

cfgtransabort              Abort zone configuration transaction

cfgtransshow               Print zone configurations in transaction buffer

chassisbeacon              Set chassis beacon on or off

chassiscfgperrthreshold    Configure parity error threshold

chassisdisable             Disable all ports in chassis

chassisdistribute          Distributes data to physical chassis in a fabric

chassisenable              Enable all ports in chassis

chassisname                Display or set the chassis's Name

chassisshow                Display all Field Replaceable Units (FRU)

classconfig                Display RBAC class permissions

clihistory                 Displays a log of most recently executed CLI


cmsh                       Start CEE Management Shell

configdefault              Reset config to factory default

configdownload             Load switch config from a server

configlist                 List the stored config files

configremove               Remove a stored config file

configshow                 Print switch config parameters

configupload               Save switch config to a server

configure                  Set logical switch config parameters

configurechassis           Set chassis config parameters

creditrecovmode            Configure backend credit loss recovery

cryptocfg                  Configure encryption node functions

datatypeshow               Display available diagnostic data types.

date                       Print/set the system date and time

dbgshow                    Display debug levels of various modules

defzone                    Activates or deactivates a default zone


diagclearerror             Clears diagnostics failure status.

diagdisablepost            Disable diagnostic POST.

diagenablepost             Enable diagnostic POST.

diaghelp                   Display diagnostic command descriptions.

diagpost                   Displays the contents of port registers and


diagretry                  Sets diagnostic retry mode

diagshow                   Display diagnostic status.

diagstatus                 Display currently running diagnostic tests.

distribute                 Distributes data to switches in a fabric.

dlsreset                   Configure dynamic load sharing (DLS) option

dlsset                     Configure dynamic load sharing (DLS) option

dlsshow                    Display the state of the dynamic load sharing


dnsconfig                  Configure DNS service

enclosureshow              Display the switch enclosure attributes

errclear                   Clear error log

errdelimiterset            Sets the error log start and end delimiter for

                           messages sent to the console and syslog

errdump                    Print error log (no page breaks)

errfilterset               Sets a filter for an error log destination

errmoduleshow              Displays all the defined modules in the system

errshow                    Print error log

fabretryshow               Display retry count of various fabric commands

fabretrystats              Display retry count of  fabric SW_ILS commands

fabriclog                  Displays or manipulates the fabric log

fabricname                 Configure fabric name

fabricprincipal            Configure Principal Switch Selection mode

fabricshow                 Print fabric membership info

fabstatsshow               Displays the fabric statistics information

fandisable                 Disables a fan unit.

fanenable                  Enables a fan unit.

fanshow                    Print fan status

fapwwn                     Configure the Virtual PWWN for port

fastboot                   Reboot this switch and bypass POST

fciphelp                   Print FCIP help info

fcipledtest                Cycle user port LEDs.

fcippathtest               Data Path Test of the FCIP complex.

fcoe                       Displays and configures FCoE ports FIP and fcmap


fcoelogincfg               Enable/Disable Save or display FCoE login


fcoelogingroup             Creates or modifies FCoE login configuration

fcping                     Sends a FC ELS ECHO request to a port

fcplogclear                Clear the FCP log

fcplogdisable              Disable logging of FCP events

fcplogenable               Enable logging of FCP events

fcplogshow                 Display FCP probing log information

fcpprobeshow               Display FCP probing information

fcprlsprobe                Manage RLS probing

fcrbcastconfig             Configure interfabric broadcast frame forwarding

fcrconfigure               Sets FC Router configuration parameters.

fcredgeshow                Displays FIDs assigned to defined EX_Port

fcrfabricshow              Displays FC Routers on a backbone fabric.

fcrlsan                    Configure LSAN policies

fcrlsancount               Display maximum LSAN zone limit.

fcrlsanmatrix              Manage LSAN fabric matrix configuration.

fcrphydevshow              Displays FC Router physical device information.

fcrproxyconfig             Displays or configures proxy devices presented by

                           an FC Router.

fcrproxydevshow            Displays FC Router proxy device information.

fcrresourceshow            Displays FC Router physical resource usage.

fcrrouterportcost          Modify FC Router port cost configuration.

fcrrouteshow               Displays FC Router route information.

fcrxlateconfig             Displays or persistently configures a translate

                           (xlate) domain's domain ID for both

                           EX_Port-attached fabric and backbone fabric.

fddcfg                     fddcfg manages the fabric data distribution

                           configuration parameters.

fdmicacheshow              Display abbreviated remote FDMI device information

                           according to remote domain ID

fdmishow                   Display detailed FDMI device information

ficoncfg                   Manage FICON configuration

ficonclear                 Clears contents of the specified FICON management


ficoncupset                Sets FICON-CUP parameters for a switch

ficoncupshow               Displays FICON-CUP parameters for a switch

ficonhelp                  Displays FICON commands

ficonshow                  Displays contents of the specified FICON management


fipscfg                    Configure FIPS mode operation

firmwarecommit             Commit firmware to stable storage

firmwaredownload           Download firmware into switch

firmwaredownloadstatus     Display the progress and status of firmwareDownload

firmwarekeyshow            Manage the keys used to check firmware signatures

firmwarerestore            Restore the old firmware in the switch

firmwareshow               Display firmware versions in the switch

flow                       Configure Flow Vision services

fmmonitor                  Configure Frame Monitors

fosconfig                  Enable/disable FabOS services

fosexec                    Invoke command in alternate VF context

framelog                   Configure logging of discarded frames

framerpathtest             Tests data path between ASICs

fspfshow                   Print FSPF global information

fwalarmsfilterset          Configure alarms filtering for Fabric Watch

fwalarmsfiltershow         Show alarms filtering for Fabric Watch

fwclassinit                Initialize all Fabric Watch classes

fwconfigreload             Reload Fabric Watch configuration

fwfrucfg                   Configure FRU state and notification

fwhelp                     Print Fabric Watch help info

fwmailcfg                  Configure Fabric Watch Email Alert

fwportdetailshow           Create a report with detailed port information

fwsamshow                  Show availability monitor information

fwset                      Set port persistence time

fwsettocustom              Set boundary & alarm level to custom

fwsettodefault             Set boundary & alarm level to default

geporterrshow              Print GigE port error summary

grep                       Linux grep command

h                          Print shell history

hadisable                  Disables the High Availability feature in the


hadump                     Displays information about the status of the High

                           Availability feature in the switch.

haenable                   Enables the High Availability feature in the switch

hafailover                 Forces the failover mechanism so that the Standby

                           Control Processor (CP)becomes the Active CP.

hashow                     Displays control processor (CP) status

hasyncstart                Enables HA state synchronization.

hasyncstop                 Disables the HA state synchronization.

help                       Print this list

historylastshow            Displays last history record

historymode                Display or set the mode of the history log

historyshow                Displays entire history log

i                          Display process summary

iclcfg                     Configure ICL state

iflshow                    Display edge switch FCR connection information

ifmodeset                  Set the link operating mode for a network interface

ifmodeshow                 Display the link operating mode for a network


interfaceshow              Display the FSPF (TM) interface information

iodreset                   Turn off the in-order delivery (IOD) option

iodset                     Manage the in-order delivery (IOD) option

iodshow                    Display the state of the in-order delivery option

ipaddrset                  Set ethernet and FC IP addresses

ipaddrshow                 Print ethernet and FC IP addresses

ipfilter                   Manage/display IP filters

ipsecconfig                Configure IPSec feature

iscsihelp                  Print iSCSI help info

islshow                    Display the current connections and status

killtelnet                 Terminate telnet/serial login sessions


ldapcfg                    Configure LDAP role mapping

lfcfg                      Configure logical fabrics

licenseadd                 Adds license keys to switch

licenseidshow              Displays the system license ID

licenseport                Configure per-port POD license assignments

licenseremove              Removes a license key from this system

licenseshow                Displays current license keys

licenseslotcfg             Configure licenses on a slot basis

linkcost                   Set or print the FSPF cost of a link

logicalgroup               Configure MAPS features

login                      Login as a new user

logout                     Logout from remote session

lscfg                      Configure logical switches

lsdbshow                   Displays the FSPF link state database

mapsconfig                 Configure MAPS features

mapsdb                     Configure MAPS features

mapshelp                   Display all MAPS commands

mapspolicy                 Configure MAPS features

mapsrule                   Configure MAPS features

mapssam                    Display port times

memshow                    Display memory usage in the system.

minispropshow              Displays ASIC pair properties.

more                       Linux more command

motd                       Set chassis login banner

mscapabilityshow           Display Management Server Capability.

msconfigure                Configure Management Server

msfr                       Create a MSFR Zone

msplatshow                 Display the Management Server Platform Database

msplatshowdbcb             Display the Management Server Database Control


msplcleardb                Clear the Management Server Platform Database


msplmgmtactivate           Activate the Management Server Platform Database


msplmgmtdeactivate         Deactivate the Management Server Platform Database


mstddisable                Disables the Management Server Topology Discovery

                           Management Service

mstdenable                 Enables the Management Server Topology Discovery

                           Management Service

mstdreadconfig             Display status of Management Server Topology

                           Discovery Service

myid                       Display the current login session details

nbrstateshow               Display FSPF (TM) neighbors' states

nbrstatsclear              Reset the FSPF (TM) interface counters

netstat                    Display network connections and statistics

nodefind                   Display all the devices' PID matching the given

                           world wide name

nsaliasshow                Display local Name Server information with Aliases

nsallshow                  Print global Name Server information

nscamshow                  Print local Name Server Cache information

nsdevlog                   Manage Name Server device logs

nsshow                     Print local Name Server information information

nszonemember               Display the information of all the online devices

                           which are zoned with the given device.

nszoneshow                 Display zone names of specific zoned devices

openfr                     Create a MSFR Zone

opensource                 Display information on open source software

                           utilized in FabOS

passwd                     Set usernames and passwords

passwdcfg                  passwdcfg manages the password policies.

pathbwconfig               Manage ISL and ICL bandwidth features

pathinfo                   Display routing information between two ports

pdshow                     Show information from Panic Dump file

perfaddeemonitor           Add end-to-end monitor

perfcfgclear               Clear Performance settings from FLASH

perfcfgrestore             Restore Performance configuration from FLASH

perfcfgsave                Save Performance configuration to FLASH

perfclearalpacrc           Clears the CRC error count associated with a port

                           and Arbitrated Loop Physical Address (AL_PA).

perfcleareemonitor         Clears statistics counters of one or more

                           end-to-end performance monitors.

perfdeleemonitor           Delete end-to-end monitor

perfhelp                   Print Performance Monitoring help info

perfmonitorclear           Clear end-to-end/filter-based/ISL monitors

perfmonitorshow            Show end-to-end/filter-based/ISL monitors

perfresourceshow           Show monitor availability

perfsetporteemask          Set overall mask for end-to-end monitors

perfshowalpacrc            Get ALPA CRC count by port and ALPA

perfshoweemonitor          Show user-defined end-to-end monitors

perfshowporteemask         Show the current end-to-end mask

perfttmon                  Configure bandwidth usage monitor

ping                       Display the link operating mode for a network


ping6                      Display the link operating mode for a network


portaddress                Configure low 16 bits of Fibre Channel Porrt ID

portalpashow               Show the ALPAs of a port

portbeacon                 Enable or disable port beacon

portbuffercalc             Compute port buffer requirements

portbuffershow             Print the buffer allocations for the ports of a


portcamshow                Display filter utilization

portcfg                    Create/Delete a new ip interface/route/arp entry on

                           the GigE port

portcfgalpa                Set AL_PA to 0x0 (default) or 0x13

portcfgautodisable         Configure auto disable

portcfgcompress            Configure in-flight data compression

portcfgcreditrecovery      Configure credit recovery

portcfgdefault             Restore the port configuration to defaults

portcfgdport               Configure Diagnostic port function

portcfgencrypt             Configure in-flight data encryption

portcfgeport               Enable/Disable a port from becoming E_Port

portcfgeportcredits        Configure credits for E_Ports

portcfgexport              Sets a port to be an EX_Port and sets and displays

                           EX_Port configuration parameters.

portcfgfaultdelay          Configure fault delay for a port

portcfgfec                 Configure Forward Error Correction feature

portcfgfillword            Configure a port to a particular fill word

portcfgfportbuffers        Configure F_Port buffers

portcfggemediatype         Configure media type for GigE port

portcfggport               Lock a port as a G_Port

portcfgislmode             Configure a port to be ISL R_RDY Mode


portcfglongdistance        Configure a Long Distance Port

portcfglosstov             Configure frontend port signal debounce

portcfglport               Lock a port as a L_Port

portcfgnpivport            Configure NPIV functionality on a port.

portcfgnport               Enable/disable N_Port capability for a port

portcfgoctetspeedcombo     Set port speed combination for port octet

portcfgpersistentdisable   Persistently disable a port

portcfgpersistentenable    Enable a persistently disabled port

portcfgqos                 Configure QoS feature

portcfgshow                Displays port configuration settings.

portcfgspeed               Configure a port to a particular speed level

portcfgtrunkport           Configure a port for trunking

portcfgvexport             Sets a port to be an VEX_Port connected to FC-IP

                           and sets and displays VEX_Port configuration


portcmd                    Execute commands (ping etc) on the GigE port

portdebug                  Set debug level and verbosity level of port modules

portdecom                  Disable E_Port in trunk group

portdisable                Disable a specified port

portdporttest              Enable Diagnostic port test

portenable                 Enable a specified port

portenccompshow            Print the encryption and compression configurations

                           for the ports of a chip present in the switch.

porterrshow                Print port error summary

portfencing                Configure Fabric Watch port fencing feature

portflagsshow              Display the port status bitmaps of all ports in a


portledtest                Cycle user port LEDs.

portlogclear               Clear port activity log

portlogconfigshow          Display portlog configuration

portlogdisable             Disable portlog facility

portlogdump                Print port log (no page breaks)

portlogdumpport            Print port log (no page breaks)

portlogenable              Enables port log facility

portlogeventshow           Display information about port log events

portloginshow              Display port login information

portlogpdisc               Set or clear the debug_pdisc_flag

portlogreset               Enable portlog facility

portlogresize              Resize the port log

portlogshow                Print port activity log

portlogshowport            Print port activity log

portlogtypedisable         Disable port logging

portlogtypeenable          Enable port logging

portloopbacktest           Functional test of port N->N path.

portmirror                 Manage port mirroring configuration

portname                   Assign or display the name associated with a port

portperfshow               Print port throughput numbers

portrouteshow              Display various routing tables for a port

portshow                   Show configured ip interfaces/routes/arp entries on

                           the GigE Port

portstats64show            Display the 64-bit hardware statistics for a port

portstatsclear             Clear the status of a specified switch port

portstatsshow              Print hardware statistics

portswap                   Swaps area numbers

portswapdisable            Disable portswap feature

portswapenable             Enable portswap feature

portswapshow               Display port and area information

porttest                   Functional test on a live fabric. Starts porttest.

porttestshow               Retreive information from porttest.

portthconfig               Configure Fabric Watch port threshold monitor

porttrunkarea              Configure area trunking

portzoneshow               Displays the enforced zone type of the F/FL-ports

                           of a switch.

powerofflistset            sets slot power off list order

powerofflistshow           Displays slot power-off order.

psshow                     Print power supply status

rasadmin                   Manage RAS log filters

rasman                     Display RAS message description

reboot                     Reboot this processor

relayconfig                Configure email server address

roleconfig                 Manage user-defined RBAC roles

routehelp                  Print routing help info

rtlogtrace                 Configure logging facility for asynchronous dual CP


saschiptest                Functional Test of Components in SAS Complex.

saspathtest                Data Path Test of the SAS complex.

secactivesize              Displays size of the active (security) database

secauthsecret              Creates/Manages DHCHAP secret key details

seccertutil                Creates/Manages/Displays third party PKI


secdefinesize              Displays size of the defined (security) database

secglobalshow              Displays current internal security state


sechelp                    Displays information about security commands

secpolicyabort             Aborts changes to defined policy

secpolicyactivate          Activates all policy sets

secpolicyadd               Adds members to an existing policy

secpolicycreate            Creates a new policy

secpolicydelete            Deletes an existing policy

secpolicydump              Displays all members of existing policies

secpolicyfcsmove           Moves a member in the FCS policy

secpolicyremove            Removes members from an existing policy

secpolicysave              Saves defined policy set and sends to all switches

secpolicyshow              Shows members of one or more policies

secstatsreset              Resets security statistics

secstatsshow               Displays security statistics

sensorshow                 Display sensor readings

serdestunemode             Configure serdes tuning mode

setdbg                     Set debug level of the specified module

setverbose                 Set verbosity level of the specified module

sfpshow                    Print Serial ID SFP information

shellflowcontroldisable    Disable xon-xoff flow control on console serial


shellflowcontrolenable     Enable xon-xoff flow control on console serial port

sleep                      Linux sleep command

slotpoweroff               Removes power from a slot.

slotpoweron                Restores power to a slot.

slotshow                   Displays the status of all slots in the system.

snmpconfig                 Configure SNMP

snmptraps                  Configure SNMP traps

spinfab                    Functional test of switch to switch ISL cabling and

                           trunk group operation.

sshutil                    Configure SSH authentication options

statsclear                 Clear port and diagnostic statistics.

stopporttest               Terminate the running porttest.

supportffdc                Modifies or displays first-failure data capture

                           (FFDC) configuration.

supportftp                 set support Ftp parameters

supportsave                retrieve support data from switch to host

supportshow                Prints switch information for debugging purposes.

supportshowcfgdisable      Disables a group of commands under supportshow


supportshowcfgenable       Enables a group of commands under supportshow


supportshowcfgshow         Displays the groups of commands enabled for

                           display. by the supportshow command.

switchbeacon               Set switch beacon on or off

switchcfgpersistentdisable Persistently disable a switch

switchcfgpersistentenable  Enable a persistently disabled switch

switchcfgspeed             Configures all ports of the switch to a particular

                           speed level

switchcfgtrunk             Configure all ports on the switch for trunking

switchdisable              Disable this switch

switchenable               Enable this switch

switchname                 Print/set this switch's name

switchshow                 Print switch and port status

switchstatuspolicyset      Set policy parameters for overall switch status

switchstatuspolicyshow     Print policy parameters for overall switch status

switchstatusshow           Print overall switch status

switchuptime               Display the amount of time for which the switch is


switchviolation            Display policy violations recorded in RAS log

syslogdfacility            Change the syslog facility

syslogdipadd               Add syslog daemon IP address

syslogdipremove            Remove syslog daemon IP address

syslogdipshow              Print the syslog daemon targets

sysmonitor                 Configure system memory usage monitor

sysshutdown                Provides a graceful shutdown to protect the switch

                           file systems.

tempshow                   Print temperature readings

thconfig                   Configure Fabric Watch thresholds

thmonitor                  Configure Fabric Watch threshold monitors

timeout                    Set/show the IDLE timeout value for a login session

top                        Linux top command

topologyshow               Display the unicast fabric topology

tracedump                  generate/remove trace dump or display trace dump


trackchangeshelp           Print Track Changes help info

trackchangesset            Configure alert for login/logout/config update

trackchangesshow           Displays status of track changes

trunkdebug                 Debug a trunk link failure

trunkshow                  Display trunking information

tsclockserver              Displays or sets the NTP server address

tstimezone                 Displays or sets the time zone

turboramtest               Turbo SRAM test for bloom ASICs.

uptime                     Print how long switch has been up

urouteshow                 Display unicast routing information

usbstorage                 Manage USB storage device (available on Brocade

                           Data Center Director only).

userconfig                 Display or configure user accounts

userrename                 Rename user login name

version                    Print firmware version

wwn                        Display or set the world wide name

wwnaddress                 Configure persistent PID assignments

zone                       Configure zone objects

zoneadd                    Add a member to a zone

zonecreate                 Create a zone

zonedelete                 Delete a zone

zonehelp                   Print zoning help info

zoneobjectcopy             Copies a zone object

zoneobjectexpunge          Expunges a zone object

zoneobjectrename           Rename a zoning Object

zoneobjectreplace          Replace a zoning Object

zoneremove                 Remove a member from a zone

zoneshow                   Print zone information