You can set the NX2 or ZX as a data receiver using our built-in rsync.  But if you do this, it disables ALL samba and NFS processes so this method is really only helpful on new installations as you wouldn't want to shut off all sharing protocols of a production system.  

In order to do it, open the Extended tools menu in the console by using the ctrl-alt-x hotkey. It will enable all of the new shares to be overwritten with external rsync tasks. Once file replication is completed it is strongly recommended to disable the rsync. in the ctrl-alt-x menu so that SMB and NFS will be back enabled. 

Migrating from a first-generation Genesis NX NAS:

1. In NX2-ZX create dataset fs0 and add share sh00 (with default settings). 

2. In NX2-ZX console use ctrl-alt-x hotkey to get into “Extended tools menu”. From the list select “Data Migration Tool” to change its state from the default ‘off’ to ‘on’ and provide the replication agent username: admin and password: admin. 

3. In the old NX note the share(s) to be replicated to the new NX2-ZX 

4. In the old NX go to Configuration->NAS settings and enable ‘Data (file) replication agent’. 

5. In the old NX go to Configuration->Volume manager->Volume groups select volume group containing the NAS logical volume to be replicated. In the Volume manager section select Action: new snapshot. Assign the snapshot to the appropriate NAS logical volume. 

6. In the old NX create a new data replication task. Go to Maintenance->Backup->Data (file) replication. Provide the task name for example ‘rep1’. As a source share use the share sh00 and as a destination share sh00 from NX2-ZX.  Please select "No encryption” in “Encryption algorithm” option. In the fields, user and password enter a username: admin and password: admin. 

7. Start the task. 

8. In the old NX the started task should be listed in Status->Tasks. 

9. In NX2-ZX in Storage in tab Status used space of a selected zpool will start to grow. 

10. In the old NX in Status->Tasks->Data (File) Replication, the task should have an OK status once completed. Clicking the arrow-down button reveals the task details. It will show the number of replicated files and the amount of the transferred data. 

In case of migrating data from 3rd party NAS or SAN you can perform the following steps: 3rd party NAS filers need to configure a rsync task with user: admin and password: admin

rsync -raRx –stats --whole-file --delete-delay –sparse –force /source_share_name admin@*NX2-ZX_ip_address*:dest_share_name_at_NX2-ZX 

Note: this command will prompt for the password. If you want to avoid prompting for a password, you can use “sshpass -p password”. Note: adding ‘&’ at the end of the entire command will run the process in the background: 

sshpass -p admin rsync -raRx –stats --whole-file --delete-delay –sparse –force /source_share_name admin@*NX2-ZX_ip_address*:dest_share_name_at_NX2-ZX &